Ask Your Builder

Interview Companies to Select the Right One

One of the most vital decisions you will make as you begin the process of bringing your custom home to life is selecting your builder. Here are a few factors to consider as you interview companies to select the one that’s right for you.

Have a Game Plan

What’s the level of service and company size you are seeking? Some clients like the efficiency of dealing with a large company that has the resources to offer many services in house, while others want the personal touch of a smaller firm that pulls experts into each project as needed.

Does the builder typically handle projects in your square footage and price range?
Is the builder willing to make both you and any professionals you retain active participants in the planning and construction process?
What are their strengths and philosophy, and do they match what you are seeking?

Reputation and Resources

How long has the company been in business

What is the experience level of the principle people who will be involved in your project?

Walk through homes that are under construction and talk with the subcontractors on site.

Are they knowledgeable and skilled?

What can you tell about the quality of the home they are building?

Are they considerate of the site?



Establish a clear understanding of pricing and all terms.

Remember the lowest bid isn’t necessarily the best. Take all other factors into consideration.

Shopping builders by square foot cost is not practical. Don’t be fooled by builders who try and convince you that being your own General Contractor is going to save you money! Think about it, they will tell you that they will supply you with a home set on your foundation. You now need a crash course into being a builder, you must select a site work contractor, without question one of the most difficult tasks involved in building a home, then choosing a foundation type and contractor. Maybe you’re responsible for your own mechanicals, plumbing and heating all while this builder who told you that it would be simple is marking up the price of the home and taking the profit while you’re responsible for the work and potential pitfalls. At Modular Concepts East Inc. we handle all the tasks associated with the process and even if you wish to take on some of the responsibility, we will help you choose, negotiate and oversee that portion of the project at no additional cost to you.

Contracts and Services

What warranty does the builder offer on their work as well as the work of subcontractors?

Do they offer any quality guarantees?


How willing are they to address and fix problems after construction of the home is completed?

What about Financing?

Today’s modular home buyer has a wide array of financing options! Most mortgage companies make financing a modular home easier than ever and may even have departments or divisions dedicated to modular home financing. While the financing process can vary slightly from company to company, many new modular home loans are construction to permanent loans and follow a general template like any new home purchase.



Homebuyers can expect to proceed through the loan application and underwriting stages just as they would for any other new home purchase. The appraisal process is also similar. In fact, a home appraiser is not limited by construction type when determining the value of your home. Comparable to your new home should be like site-built homes with comparable square footage and design features.



Once qualified and approved for the home they can afford, the construction process begins. The modular home will be constructed, and the money will be disbursed to the homebuyer and the builder/contractor in stages based on the work completed. The money is what modular lenders call draws.  During new home construction the homebuyer will typically make interest only payments to the lender on the funds as they are disbursed. This is one of the greatest advantages of modular housing because the construction time frame is reduced during the financing process.



Once the home is almost complete and the builder is close to the final draw, the lender will send a modification package which will convert the loan into the homebuyers, permanent loan selected at approval, unless significant upgrades and additional information changed the terms of the approved loan. Once the mortgage is modified, you officially own your new home.