Modular Concepts East

At Modular Concepts East Inc., we take great pride in building quality homes
while developing personal relationships with our customers!

Your Dream Home

We build all sizes & styles and for all budgets. Our aim is to make your dreams of building a custom home become a reality. When we consult you about designing your new home, we want to hear your dreams, your needs and your style preferences. The finished design and the home that will result is all about you.

Custom Homes

The term “custom home” is often loosely used, meaning a set style or floor plan with slightly different or interchangeable features. The result ends up looking like many other “custom homes” At Modular Concepts East Inc., we have a truly custom approach to your project. Your home should reflect your needs, your wants and your personality. We take your desires seriously, building a home that is truly custom.


We believe in being honest and up-front with you in our approach to estimation, pricing, and designing your home. Modular Concepts East Inc will always make sure you know exactly what you are getting with a fixed price contract. We like to use the term “turnkey” meaning we provide everything you need to be move-in-ready for your new home. When changes come up throughout the process, any costs are approved by you on a change order. There is no additional fee for making the change, only the cost associated with the change itself.


It is common in the home building industry to cheapen products to offer a lower, more attractive price. The reality is, over time this approach ends up costing you more money and headaches because of the lower quality of materials used. Work that is not done by our staff is done by sub-contractors who have a reputation for professionalism and quality work.

Years of Trust

In most cases, the sub-contractors we use have been doing work for Modular Concepts East Inc. for many years. Modular Concepts East Inc. and our sub-contractors believe in building you a quality home with quality materials.

Attention to Detail

We believe even the smallest details are important to a custom home project. The staff at Modular Concepts East Inc. has decades of experience in the home building industry and understand the importance of the details that make a project complete. We take pride in our reputation for high quality and fine craftsmanship, built through years of personal service and attention to detail.